Demo version of the installation file to download to your computer joosep5.exe being loaded on your computer, run the file joosep5.exe. Next, the installation program already follow the instructions.

The simplest installation with all the time, press the Next button, and the final screen, where there is no longer the Next button, you must press the Installbutton. After installing the program on the screen should be the end of the work appeared in Joseph’s icon, clicking on which you can run the program. Sign in the window that opens, the user must write the name admin and password blank.

For more pictures can be read with paigadusjuhiseid helbist Installation Guide

Further guidance on the use of the program may have already read in the program’s Help file. Help, can be called from the menu key press F1 or selecting Help-> Help, or by opening the HELP on the Internet .

Demo version is limited to a year, you enter the number of documents. See the precise limits here .

Internet interface demo version is available at .

Joseph, we recommend installing the client computer to install the older version of the e-joosep5 because you can not have a situation where the client has the latest version of the program and the server. Once connected, the server will install updates for Joseph server. Parent’s e-Joosep5 installation can be found here: joosep5v.exe more information and program registration by phone can call 6645999 or 5010647 or send an e-mail .