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The main objective of the audit is to ensure that investors’ interests are protected.

The audit examines whether the company’s accounts are kept in a way that they give a true picture of the company management and its outcome, and is in line with current legislation and best practice.

Customers receive:Auditorkontrol

  • help in correcting errors during the audit,
  • confidential memo regarding the errors and uncertainties
  • auditor’s overall conclusion

Since 01.01.2011 audit is mandatory for all public limited companies, state accounting entities, local governments, public legal persons, state budget allocations, etc

Other accounting entities (to whom the law does not provide otherwise) the annual accounts audit or inspection is required if the annual figures exceed the following:

2 of the 3 conditions must be fulfilled Audit Inspection
Revenue or income over 2 000 000€ over 1 000 000€
Assets at the balance sheet date over 1 000 000€ over 500 000€
Average number of employees over 30 over 15
1 of the 3 must be fulfilled Audit Ülevaatus
Revenue or income over 6 000 000€ over 3 000 000€
Assets at the balance sheet date over 3 000 000€ over 1 500 000€
Average number of employees over 90 over 45


NGO-s that are not mentioned in Accountants Act § 91 paragraph 4
One condition must be met Inspection
Revenue or income over 15 000€
Assets at the balance sheet date over 15 000€


Audit gives executives confidence about the decisions they have made, and ideas how to improve the accounting system.