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Tax Planning

Companies give more than a third of their income in the hand of the state – their biggest business partner.

This requires a proper cash flow planning and control – tax costs can be optimized. We assist in tax planning for individuals and companies.

Maksustamine2 Tax problems may arise from a different interpretation of the law as well as the taxpayer questionable transactions. The tax authorities are a permanent source of risk.

Professional tax advice is a solution for managing and optimizing the cost of the tax. Our experts advise on how to make better decisions and analyze business transactions related to tax costs.

Our tasks are:Maksustamine1

  • clarification of tax rules
  • preparation of tax returns
  • finding uncertainties tax accounting and tax risk assessment
  • tax planning
  • analysis of sample reports and finding ways to save
  • improving things retrospectively

Tax assistance includes:

  • expert analysis and drafting of contracts
  • keeping documents before and during tax audits
  • tax acts, orders, and decision analysis
  • we give estimates of the tax dispute prospects of success, and we offer alternative solutions
  • advise in solving tax conflicts in tax office or in the court

Tax representation

Vallaste ja Partnerid owns the tax representation license since 2005.

If a foreign company has taxable transactions in Estonia, then it is appropriate to use non-resident tax agent services. For non-EU operators this is mandatory. The Tax Agent takes care of foreign company’s tax obligations. Vallaste ja Partnerid is one of the few to whom the Ministry of Finance has issued a non-resident tax representative license.

Taxes affect every business transaction, and they never stay unchanged!