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It happens that people understand the circumstances of the transaction or the content of the agreement differently. If the parties can’t reach an agreement, it is wise to seek outside mediation.

The conciliation procedure will help to keep relationships and corporate reputation.

Lepitusteenus2From 01.01.10 we conduct conciliation under the Conciliation Act. Compared to a lawsuit, conciliation procedure is significantly faster, less formal and less expensive.

At the same time, however, it is treated as a pre-trial procedure, and the conciliation agreements can be enforceable by a court.

Conciliation procedure is free of state duty and the fee agreement is made between the parties. What’s most important – it helps to keep the relationship and find solutions to the situation on their own with the help of professional intermediaries.

Unlike judicial and arbitration proceedings the conciliator cannot oblige the parties to make binding decisions against their will.

The result of the conciliation is enforceable only if the parties have reached an agreement.

Conciliation, unlike court proceedings, is confidential.

During the years, we have helped to solve many disputes.