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Accounting program Joosep

Accounting program Joosep.

Accounting program Joosep is in Estonian.

Accounting service consists of various worktasks that can be performed by one or more accountants. Access to Joosep can be allowed to one or more users, you can also choose which modules they can use.

Accounting – This module summarizes all other modules. Most of the accounting is done in all other modules. Here are the company’s profit and loss statements, balance sheets, VAT returns, general ledger, and several other reports.

Purchase Invoice module – In this module, all scanned paper invoices received by the program, and all invoices received electronically can be added to the same place.

Ledger – In its simplest form involves selling invoices to be issued for payment of subscription and monitor debtors. However, the sales ledger may consist of much more activities from the sale offer, the offer for a drawn order, the order established a movement and a movement up the bill. Intermediate steps can also be skipped if desired.

Stock records – product purchase invoices immediately move the to the Purchase Ledger and Sales Invoices move to Sales Ledger.

Reporting entities – Here you can insert the costs incurred by employees or business trip reports, enter expenses, export them to the bank and monitor employee status settlement.

Payroll – Allows you to calculate employee wages and withhold taxes, as time records, as piecework records, transfer salaries to the bank, issue payslips to all employees either on paper or personal e-mail and forward the e-tax returns to the tax office.

Depreciation – Allows you to keep records of fixed assets and their depreciation.