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It is important to do everything correctly from the beginning! Our experts will share with you their experience in business planning, business idea implementation, establishment of accounting system.

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In addition to professional accounting service, we provide professional accounting advice on how to organize your economic activity and documentation in a way, that the tax burden and the risks would be minimal!

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The audit examines whether the company’s accounts are kept in such a way that it gives a true picture of the company management and its outcome. Auditing also checks if accounting is done according to current legislation.

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The state is your company’s biggest trading partner and your fiscal relations must always be in accordance with the laws. That’s why we recommend to trust your company’s tax accounting in the hands of our experienced accountants.

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For larger (non-profit) Associations revision should be an annual procedure. It is reasonable to outsource this service – this eliminates any doubts about the impartiality and expertise of the controller.

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Other legal services

In complex confict situations you should seek expert advice. We are always updated with the laws, and we treat every problem seriously and objectively.

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