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Save money and keep risks under control!

Thoroughly thought out business accounts help you save money and keep risks under control.

Traditional financial accounting includes financial accounting and bookkeeping, as well as the cost management and tax accounting. Different accounts are required for a bankruptcy, liquidation or reorganization of a legal person.


We provide expert support in the following:

  • setting up accounts and organizing the accounting system: often before a tax audit or in the process of preparation of financial statements, companies find errors in accounting records. We offer help with organizing and restoring the previous accounting periods.
  • regular accounting: our traditional accounting service is mainly suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises, who don’t require an accountant on site. This offers a real money saving! The bookkeeper processes documents of each client and prepares periodic reports of the company for the Tax Office and others parties.
  • special accounts: during bankruptcy, liquidation and reorganization, accounting must organized according to special rules.

Our experienced accountants will help you!