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Trust the experts

A good accountant saves you money on taxes. To minimize the human factor risks and to save also on salary taxes, we recommend to outsource the accounting service.

The law gives opportunity to organize books based on your own business needs. Consult with us in order to find the best accounting solution for your business.

Regular bookkeeping services include:

  • checking the conformity of documents
    • recording of transactions in the relevant registers
    • maintaining records systematically until the expiry of the contract
    • accounting done according to the client‘s internal accounting rules
    • preparation of financial statements in accordance with local regulations
    • VAT, income tax and social tax accounting
  • statistical reports
    • declarations and reporting to the relevant authorities

Our services also include:

  • analysis of financial condition and audit prior arrangement
  • restoration of accounting
  • financial statements, the opening and closing balance sheet preparation
  • conflict situations expertise
  • different accounting firms in a merger, division or termination
  • after-accounting: every year quite a lot of companies don’t manage to submit their annual reports to the register. Despite the reason of this failure, the effect is the same – in late autumn they receive a fine. We help to prepare the reports quickly. It is better, of course, not to be late, so just contact us before the first July.

We provide accounting services to companies, sole proprietors and NGOs.

Providing the service using the original software Joosep that allows provide the service to the customer in the most appropriate manner, including online.

We give advice on how to organize economic activity and document it so that the tax burden and the risk would be the smallest!